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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Gala and Harvey Hadden

The Notts ASA Summer Gala 2015 is to take place at Nottinghamshire’s new 50m Swimming Pool at Harvey Hadden Sports Village in just over a week. As previously communicated please find below some additional information that we need to share with you all, about the pool and the Summer Gala 2015.

Please note that the Summer Gala is a test event at the new pool. This is not only Nottinghamshire ASA testing the pool but also the City Council to see how things will run. We hope that the event will go well, however, like all new places, we are sure there will be some teething problems, so please bare with us for this event. The Nottinghamshire Swimming Committee will be having a full debrief meeting following the event with the Council to discus the event and any possible operational changes that we need to make for future competitions at the pool.

Where to go

When you arrive at the centre, please use the main entrance to enter the building. Our entrance control will be situated in the reception area. From there spectators will be asked to enter the spectator balcony via the stairs to the left of the reception. Swimmers changing rooms and access to poolside is at the back of the main entrance hall, down the corridor to the left. Officials will need to turn right behind the entrance hall and enter the studio near the cafe.

Spectators wrist bands

For any competition held at the centre, we will issue all spectators with a wrist band. This is to be worn at ALL times while on the grounds and must be clearly visible to our staff.


We have been instructed by Nottingham City Council that under no circumstances are chairs of any sort to be taken into the changing rooms or onto poolside.The only chairs that are authorised to be on poolside are those supplied by the centre, and these are for use by officials and our stewards only. There is a wide, raised ledge around the perimeter of the poolside that can be used as seating.

Swimmers Bags

Swimming “kit” bags will not be allowed on poolside. Bags are to be placed into the lockers provided in the changing rooms. Lockers can be locked with the use of a £1 coin or trolley token. Drinks bottles and towels are allowed onto poolside.

Poolside Passes

Poolside passes or coaches passes will only be issues to those persons that have been registered to obtain one for the competition. Once these are passed over they become your responsibility. We will not replace any that have been lost. These passes must only be used by registered people on our list and must be worn and clearly visible to our staff whilst on poolside. Passes can be collected from the main reception upon arriving at the venue. Anyone without a pass on poolside will be escorted from the venue. Passes CAN NOT be bought on the day.

Car Parking

Please note that there is limited car parking at the venue. We have requested that the neighboring school will be opened up for our use as they have a large parking facility.


Around the venue, during the competition, there will be plenty of litter bins. This is a brand new facility, please use them to discard your litter into. If anyone is found leaving litter on poolside, we may refuse your entry into further competitions.

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