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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weather Warning

A Message to All County championship Swimmers.

Notts ASA are well aware of the current weather forecast for this weekend and have put in place a provision if the weather does get bad especially around Mansfield.

Our team will make their way from different sides of Nottingham to Water Meadows pool early on Saturday morning and make a decision. If for some reason the conditions are bad we may decide to postpone the warm up on Saturday morning so you can all arrive safely. Other decisions may be made.

A final decision on what will happen will be made no later that 7:30am on Saturday and will be published here. Whatever the decision is, there will be an update message here on Saturday morning.

Please note the withdrawal procedure will still be the same. If you need to withdraw from any races on the day, please send a text message to 0772 532 0970. PLEASE DO NOT RING THIS NUMBER FOR ANY UPDATES.

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