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Sunday, March 8, 2015

SW 6.2 – New DQ Report form

People have asked if some of the numbering has been missed out on the new DQ sheet that you can now down load off of British Swimming Website.

The answer is no

The number relates to the FINA rule so for example the glaring example is that it looks like they have omitted rule 6.2 however, 6.2 rule under FINA states


SW 6.2 When a backstroke ledge is being used, each inspector at the starting end shall install and remove the ledge after the start.

Which as you can see you cannot be disqualified for hence not mentioned on the DQ sheet.

If you wish to download in full the FINA rules on Swimming please go to:

of which including the FINA world record application form there are 16 pages.

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