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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Success at the British Swimming Championships 2022

Over the last week the British Swimming Championships 2022 have been taking place at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. This has seen the best of the best from Britain competing together hunting for those PB’s and Medals. Over the 6 days of swimming Nottinghamshire swimmers came out in force and bagged many PB Times and a good handful of medals to go with it.

Please see a list of all Nottinghamshire swimmers who competed and those who made it through to finals.

A Huge Congratulations to you all from Nottinghamshire Swimming!

  • Amelia Stevenson – Bassetlaw SS
  • Anya Preece – NOVA (Priority Paris 200m Fly Final 4th, Open 800m Free 14th, Open 1500m Free 9th, Priority Paris 400m Free Final 4th)
  • Bradley Evans – NOVA
  • Callum Kettlewell – Bassetlaw SS
  • Callum Melville – NOVA (Priority Paris 100m Breast Final 5th, Junior 50m Breast Final 1st, Open 200m Breast B Final 8th)
  • Cira Fletcher – NOVA (Open 50m Breast Final 6th, Open 200m Breast Final 6th, Open 100m Breast B Final 3rd)
  • Constance Phillips – NOVA
  • Cyril Hanson Schleiper – NOVA
  • Ellie Ward – NOVA
  • Elliot Day – NOVA
  • Elliot Sibley – NOVA (Open 800m Free 48th, Open 1500m Free 54th)
  • Emma Erskine – NOVA (Open 400m IM B Final 7th, Priority Paris 200m Butterfly Final 3rd, Priority Paris 200m IM Final 4th)
  • Evie Johnson – NOVA
  • Freya Colbert – NOVA (Open 200m Free Final 3rd, Open 400m IM Final 1st, Open 100m Free B Final 1st, Open 400m Free Final 2nd)
  • Iona Colbert – NOVA (Junior 100m Back Final 1st, Priority Paris 200m Back Final 3rd, Junior 50m Back Final 1st)
  • James Chennells – Notts Uni
  • Jessica Li – NOVA (Junior 50m Back Final 8th)
  • Joseph Kingsland – NOVA (Open 800m Free 36th, Open 1500m Free 55th)
  • Joseph Sadler – NOVA
  • Kate Morris – NOVA (Junior 200m Back Final 6th, Priority Paris 200m IM Final 5th)
  • Lewis Warner – Bassetlaw SS (Junior 50m Back Final 4th)
  • Livia Kingsland – NOVA (Junior 400m IM Final 2nd, Open 800m Free 40th, Open 1500m Free 7th, Junior 400m Free Final 8th)
  • Madeleine Soper – Notts Uni
  • Megan Spiers – NOVA (Open 800m Free 24th, Open 1500m Free 17th)
  • Nelly Kinch – NOVA (Open 800m Free 20th)
  • Oswald Hood – Notts Uni
  • Rachel Webb – Bassetlaw SS (Open 1500m Free 50th)
  • Rose Gubbins – NOVA
  • Thomas Pickering – NOVA
  • Thomas White – NOVA (Priority Paris 400m IM Final 8th)
  • Tom Trueman – NOVA
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