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Thursday, September 22, 2022

National Inter-County Team Competition

The Annual National Inter-County Team Competition, held at Ponds Forge, is due to take place on 2nd October 2022. Nottinghamshire have done very well in this over the last few years and this years team has been selected and announced. The team is selected from the fastest times in the national rankings from all swimmers from across the Nottinghamshire clubs at the time of selection.

A huge congratulations to those that have been selected, notices have been sent to everyone.

The Nottinghamshire Team for 2022 is:

Iona Colbert (Arnold), Lily Jackson-Oates (Arnold), Benjamin Tunstall (Bramcote), Benjamin Roberts (CABSC), Abbey Turnbull (Carlton Forum), Philippa Hickman (Carlton Forum), Callum Melville (Nottingham Leander), Constance Phillips (Nottingham Leander), Emily Parkins (Nottingham Leander), Evie Johnson (Nottingham Leander), George Cummings (Nottingham Leander), Jenson Ward (Nottingham Leander), Jessica Li (Nottingham Leander), Laurel Roberts-Burrell (Nottingham Leander), Oscar Ferrar (Nottingham Leander), Poppy Westmorland (Nottingham Leander), Alfie Silver (Radford), James Berry (Radford), Ruby Westmoreland (Radford), Cillian McGuinness (Retford), Harry Benzies (Retford), Joshua Kettlewell (Retford), Lewis Warner (Retford), Rachel Webb (Retford), Charlotte Callaghan-Wetton (Sherwood), Lexia Sharman (Sherwood), Thomas Swales (Sutton), Jake Franse (Worksop).

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