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Thursday, January 6, 2022

County Championships 2022 Update

We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and a good start to the year.

The full timeline of events for the 2022 County Championships has now been published (here). Please note that this timeline is provisional and subject to change. Once a session has started it will run at its own pace, so individual event start times may vary. Swimmers need to report to the swimmer stewards when called for, the events will not wait for missing swimmers.

Known withdrawals should be made via the online form no later than 6pm the day before the swim. This is so we can publish the start lists as soon after 6pm as we can, allowing coaches to have the opportunity of printing these before arriving at the pool, so Nottinghamshire ASA can help reduce the amount of paper we use for these competitions. Withdrawals from Finals must be made at the timing room by the deadlines that will be announced for each event on the day, this includes reserves. This will be 15 minutes after the publication of the results from the heats. Failure to notify us of a withdrawal from either a heat or a final within the deadlines stated will result in a £10 fine. the online withdrawals can be done using this link:


Everyone who is to attend the county championships are to attend at their own risk. and should follow all current government guidelines with regards to COVID restrictions, and should only attend if they are fit and able to do so in line with the Swim England Return to Competition Health Declaration.

We are advising EVERYONE who wishes to attend the County Championships, Spectators, Swimmers, Coaches and Volunteers, to take a Lateral Flow Test 48 hours before attending the championships. If the test shows a positive or a failed test, PLEASE DO NOT attend the championships, and swimmers please withdraw using the online form as above.

Face Coverings MUST be worn (except exempt) while entering, exiting and moving about the facility and for spectators they must be worn until seated. Once seated, it is the spectators choice if they wish to remain wearing them.

Swimmers are NOT to go into the balcony at any point during the competition.


Can we please remind all competitors of the conditions for the County Championships especially when it comes to behaviour on poolside and especially around photo taking on poolside and in the changing rooms. We have had a number of incidents at our Festive Frenzy competition, and we would like to draw everyone’s attention to out photograph policy for these competitions. If these rules are broken we will take action.

Our official photographer will be on poolside for the presentation ceremonies and ONLY the official photographer is to be taking photos in the presentations due to COVID restrictions. The photos taken at these presentations will be made available online as soon as possible after the competition weekends for use by clubs for free. We will confirm this as soon as possible. Swimmers and Coaches are NOT to congregate around the presentation area at any point throughout the competition.


A massive thank you to our officials in the County that have come forwards already and a very big Thank You to Worksop who have come forwards already with a list of Stewards for some sessions.

However. we still need more officials and stewards to cover all of our sessions. All stewards should be registered members of their base club to comply with insurance cover. We do require stewards and officials from all clubs attending:


  • The Championships cannot run without the support of volunteers.
  • We request that a minimum of 1 volunteer for each 5 swimmers from a club helps out at a session of these championships.
  • Names and availability of volunteers should be sent to the Nottinghamshire ASA Volunteers coordinator in advance of the championships.
  • If we do not get enough volunteers to run the championship sessions, they may get cancelled.


  • The correct number of officials at the correct qualification level is needed for each session, including finals sessions.
  • Officials that are volunteering to help, should submit their details and availability to the Nottinghamshire ASA Officials coordinator prior to the championships so we can ensure we have the correct numbers of officials.
  • Failure to obtain the correct numbers of officials for a session may result in the session being cancelled.
  • We welcome trainee officials that need practical experience, but details of trainees, and their availability must be submitted to the Nottinghamshire ASA Officials coordinator, prior to the championships.
  • A trainee official turning up on the day with no notice may not be allowed onto poolside.

Officials that would like to volunteer please email

Stewards that would like to volunteers please email

Telegram Notifications:

We will again be using the Telegram Service for our County Championships to bring you all of the start lists, results, and disqualification notifications. If you have already signed up, that’s great, there is no need to sign up again. If you haven’t yet signed up, you can use the link below to sign up to our channel:

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