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Friday, October 10, 2014

County Championships 2015

The revised qualifying times and schedule are now available on the County Championship pages.  Concern has been expressed about the exclusion of the younger swimmers but this is under the direction of the ASA to comply with a new competition structure introduced by British Swimming.  This document was released on Monday 6th October and can be found on the link below, this is a ‘Live’ document and will be updated from time to time as the changeover to the new structure takes place.

The steps Notts ASA Swimming Committee have taken this year is to ease the transition. In 2016 the youngest qualifying time will be set at 11yrs and the youngest competitors 10yrs subject to meeting the 11yr qualifying time, the biggest change Notts ASA have made for 2015 is in moving the age at date from age at day to age at 31st December.  It was decided to introduce age at 31st December in 2105 because doing this in 2016 combined with raising the minimum age to 10/11 and a move to Harvey Haddon (swimming long course) would have been a massive change and cause even more upset.  These new meet conditions are only applicable to the County Championships and above. Young swimmers will have many opportunities to compete in swimming leagues, club internal galas and appropriate open meets including the Notts ASA Summer and Winter Galas which have both been extended to 2 days. Any change is always controversial in one way or another and will not suit everyone. The Notts ASA are following a British Swimming / ASA directive , please give your support to manage this change as best we can. Thank you.

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