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Monday, February 25, 2013

County Championship Withdrawals

For these championships swimmers are assumed to be competing unless they have notified the organisers that they wish to withdraw, failure to notify a withdrawal for any reason will leave an empty lane and is subject to a £10 fine. Please make sure that all swimmers are aware of the procedures below:-

Withdraw prior to the day of meet:

Withdrawal on the day of meet: Final notice of the withdrawal of swimmers from a club must be reported to the recorders no later than one hour prior to the start of the session, using the forms provided. For the galas at Worksop and Retford withdrawal is 30mins before the published start time. Failure to notify a withdrawal which results in an empty lane is subject to a £10 fine.

Last minute problems:  A text message may be sent to 07725 320970

The promoter cannot accept any responsibility for an email or text message for whatever reason, is not received. Once the event has been seeded, subsequent withdrawals will only be allowed on genuine medical grounds.

Withdraw from a final: Swimmers or reserves wishing to withdraw from a final must inform the recorders within 15 minutes of the publication of the list of finalists.  Withdrawals after these deadlines may only be made without penalty, on medical grounds. Failure by a swimmer or reserve to notify a withdrawal which results in an empty lane is subject to a £10 fine.

Fine are applicable at any gala during the Championships.  All fines must be paid before the swimmer competes again any of the current or future County Championship galas. In the event of a swimmer not paying the fine, the club in whose name the swimmer has entered the competition shall be responsible for payment.

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