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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Changes to Swim21 Essential

The ASA has announced a change to the swim21 club Essential module accreditation after feedback from the annual ASA Club Survey.

The survey illustrated that more tha 60 per cent of clubs wanted to see swim21 Essential extended from a rolling annual programme to a two-year accreditation with simplified health check.

This will be implemented by a recently-established swim21 Working Group over the next few months.

By making the changes, existing standards will be maintained to ensure clubs continue to operate safely and equitably while the streamlined process will reduce valuable volunteer time.

The swim21 online portal will be undergoing some essential maintenance work in early October in preparation for the changes. However, there will be minimal disruption for accredited and new clubs.

“The Clubs Team, alongside the Club Development Management Group, were keen to address actions identified in the latest Club Survey,” said ASA Programme Manager Lisa Berry.

“Reviewing swim21 and implementing key changes was therefore a key piece of work for us. The changes being made to swim21 will ensure that all standards are still maintained whilst offering a streamlined process for all involved.

“The Working Group will review the swim21 Network and Performance modules in the future. Further details will be communicated with clubs when they are available.”
Accreditation process
Clubs accrediting / re-accrediting in December 2016 will need to do the following:

  • 16 elements in December 2016
  • 5 elements in December 2017
  • 16 elements in December 2018

Clubs accrediting / re-accrediting in March 2017 will do the following:

  • 16 elements in March 2017
  • 5 elements in March 2018
  • 16 elements in March 2019

June and September accreditations will follow the same process as March in relation to the number of elements, with different timescales.
swim21 accreditation
If any clubs are interested in becoming swim21 accredited, please to contact your ASA Club Development Officer/Regional Officer in the first instance.

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