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Monday, February 23, 2015

CABSC Masters Open Meet

The 4th CABSC Masters open meet is set to take place this year on Sunday 19th April at Hucknall LC. This year this event is also doubling up as the Nottinghamshire County Masters’ Championships.

1. This is open to all masters swimmers who are members of, and competing in this event for, Nottinghamshire clubs, and who have not in the current calendar year either competed for another county at masters level or competed in the Masters county championships of another County.

2. Awards will be presented to the first swimmer (only) in each event, for each masters age group (25-29 upwards). Note that there is no seniors’ category in these championships.

3. The Nottinghamshire swimmers will be integrated into, and take part in, the open meet and will also be eligible for open awards.

Note: the rules of inter-county masters events will often not allow you to compete for another County once you have swum in the same year in an event for a different county so if you enter these Nottinghamshire County Masters’ championships you may be eligible to compete only for Notts in inter-county events this year.

This will only be relevant if you mark YES on the entry form.

More information including entry forms can be found on the CABSC website:

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