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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Alfred Turner Award

During this volunteering appreciation week, Nottinghamshire’s Josie Grange has been awarded the Alfred H Turner award by Swim England. The Award is awarded to those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to aquatic sport at either club, county, regional, national or international level.

Josie started swimming as a youngster and joined a swimming club in Nottinghamshire which eventually took her to the National Championships.

At aged 18, Josie went to Bedford College to train as a PE teacher and at the end of her training she came back to Nottingham to teach at Ellis Guilford. Whilst there she was encouraged to sit on the Nottinghamshire ASA committee as the schools representative by Ken Martin and so her journey through swimming began.

In 1973 a handful of swimmers from different clubs approached the committee and said they would like to train as a Nottinghamshire team and enter major competitions as a team capable of having relay teams. Josie was charged to look into the viability of this and so Nova Centurion was formed as a competition club but the training was undertaken by Nottinghamshire ASA as a County Swim Squad.

From sitting on the Nottinghamshire ASA committee Josie went on to be part of the East Midlands ASA committee. Josie went on to become President of Notts ASA., and later President of the East midlands ASA.

Josie successfully implemented a system within Nottinghamshire of registering swimmers at clubs within the county to help with running the county’s leagues. Following this success, she was asked by the Amateur Swimming Association to join their staff and start the running of the registration of swimmers and members attached to clubs in a working capacity. Josie helped develop the registration process and club codes that we still use today.

Josie went on to become President of the Amateur Swimming Association becoming the third person in Nottinghamshire to become so, she followed in the footsteps of another Nottinghamshire school teacher Ken Martin.

Congratulations Josie on receiving this prestigious award in recognition for what you have done and keep doing.

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